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Benedict Lim, CEO & Chief Psychologist, iGROWBenedict Lim, CEO & Chief Psychologist
Developing effective leaders have been the biggest challenge of human capital management in organizations. Most leadership development programs have been face-to-face workshops conducted by training companies outside the organization or customized inhouse programs. Whilst these common solutions employed by organizations can be cost effective, the greatest problem is these “off-the-shelf” solutions does not take into account the differing needs of the company, department and leaders attending the program.

Organizations with wise and committed leaders may allocate budget for executive coaching so that programs can cater to the specific needs of the various stakeholders. This, however, can be expensive and results subjected to the expertise of the Executive Coach employed.

Challenging the status quo, iGROW, an award-winning psychological consultancy specializing in Leadership, Culture and Engagement developed a solution that empowers leaders to Align direction, Activate motivation and Achieve goals of their teams, consistently all the time, by leveraging on technology.

“As Psychologists first, we understand people, and the motivation that drives people forward. As entrepreneurs and technologists, we understand the aspiration of business owners to find sustainable ways to progress from surviving to thriving and leverage on technology,” says Benedict Lim, CEO & Chief Psychologist of iGROW.

“However, change cannot be achieved overnight,” Lim adds. “Instead of merely conducting leadership workshops, we implement a proven structured process to achieve results progressively over a period of at least 10 weeks.
These programs are offered through a variety of format including live master classes, video-based learning, weekly leadership challenges, regular group executive coaching through video conferencing, active community, and supportive environment. iGROW develops solutions based on relevant academic wisdom in the psychology of motivation, team dynamics, and leadership and accumulated experiences over the years.

“Our People Activation Mastery Program is an Executive Group Coaching focusing on improving culture and employee engagement by transforming disengaged employees into fully-engaged leaders and high-performance teams in 12 weeks,” says Maria Plengsangtip, Partner & Consultant Psychologist of iGROW. The deep impact action-based program is designed to create change from within.

Client engagement begins with a non-obligatory discovery call to understand the clients’ business and unique requirements to see if there is a fit in needs and expertise. When there is a fit, a strategy session is scheduled to establish clear goals and known roadblocks. All stakeholder expectations are determined to ensure goals are aligned and desire to proceed. Thereafter, the action plan, deliverables, and expected outcomes are agreed before the project execution, up till this stage, clients can choose to walk away anytime. In fact, iGROW is so confident of their solutions they offer a result guarantee.

Founded in 2009, iGROW has delivered great value to more than 400 Fortune 500 companies, MNCs, and SMEs from various industries, and completed more than 700 consultancy projects, conducted more than 5,000 coaching and workshops, impacting more than 75,000 employees. One of the impact case study we saw was where iGROW successfully transformed a company in the travel and hospitality industry from high turnover in manpower, low morale and diving market share to achieve 20 percent new accounts by changing their culture to performance-driven yet supportive environment where everyone is aligned to the common goal.

For all the results achieved since 2009, iGROW has also been recognized with the ‘Promising 500 SME’ award by the Small Medium Business Association and led several national-level projects. Taking the next strategic leap forward, iGROW is launching brand new digital solutions that can capitalize on their expertise and leverage technology to achieve a sustainable culture of excellence through implementing effective strategies, developing inspiring leaders, and activating engaged employees.
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Benedict Lim, CEO & Chief Psychologist and Maria Plengsangtip, Partner & Consultant Psychologist

iGROW is a multi-disciplinary team of management consultants that is passionate and committed to partner business owners, leaders and human capital professionals to develop their people to hit goals and finish task, each time, every time through a systematic process to change mindset, form new behaviors and effective habits to achieve success. It employs evidenced-based solutions to develop the psychological capital of everyone, achieving peak performance and leadership development. The company has partnered Health Promotion Board of Singapore to launch several national level psychological well-being initiatives, achieving favorable outcomes for corporates and employees. Its bespoke solutions for organizations is encapsulated in ConPACT