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Atchara Juicharern, CEO, AcComm Group Atchara Juicharern, CEO
In the age of technological disruption, tech-savvy competency is inevitable for all organizations. They need learning-agility workforce, agile processes, and organization structures that enable quick adaptability. Cultures that embrace transformation are crucial. However, employees have grown used to the typical way of working confined in their comfort zones. In such a scenario, leaders who are able to engage in fast learning are required to manage teams for innovative output. Leadership has become crucial than ever, yet, leaders in many organizations are not sufficiently equipped with new skills and tools to thrive and navigate their teams effectively in such a fast-changing business arena. As a leading provider of leadership and coaching solutions, AcComm Group supports clients to develop the new leadership behaviors that foster innovative teams and unlearn behaviors that impede agility and successful transformation. “As part of the learning pathway, we help align individuals’ motivation with an organization’s future direction. As most of our facilitators are also certified coaches, we are familiar with how to support people to move forward with ownership and accountability,” says Atchara Juicharern, Chief Learning Officer and MD of AcComm Group.

Founded in 2005, AcComm Group offers solutions that help organizations develop their leadership knowledge, skills, and behavior. Almost a decade after its inception, the company established Leadership and Coaching Solutions Co., Ltd. to serve increasing demands of executive development needs of clients. “Our solutions include training, coaching, and organization development consulting. We also offer a learning ecosystem that our customers are able to continue their learning and development through online platforms, microlearning, small group practice, and feedback,” says Atchara.

Based on the needs of each client, AcComm designs the suitable learning strategy using its expertise.
The company offers solutions that include skills and practices of navigating teams and organizations in the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) world while developing agile leaders. AcComm also provides coaching essentials such as ICF Approved coach-specific training that includes a 60 Hours Program (ACSTH) and a continuous coach education for leaders and managers in an organization. The company’s training and reinforcement process are enriched by simulations and experiential activities. Clients can also benefit from the company’s leadership communication program called “Think on Your Feet,” which is recognized as one of the best business communication workshops taught today. As the only Thai affiliate in leadership development of Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, a renowned business educator and coach, the company also helps leaders develop behaviors that embrace a brain-friendly workplace. In other words, to create a high trust environment where people feel safe to share ideas, experiment, and learn from failure. “Our programs come in three levels; leading self, team, and organization. Each has three steps; pre-work (Assessment and online Learning), in person (workshop + application) and reinforcement (small group practices and on-line learning),” adds Atchara.

Our programs come in three levels; leading self, team, and organization. Each has three steps; pre-work (Assessment and online Learning), in person (workshop + application) and reinforcement (small group practices and on-line learning)

AcComm Group equips leaders at all levels with proper coaching skills and habits, helping to shift the leadership style that is needed by organizations today. Most of the clients reflect that AcComm’s approaches are simple to apply and help improve team performance and higher trust in the work environment. Most important of all, the leaders personally feel that they have improved their resilience and active listening. Atchara says, “What I am glad about is that they mentioned–our facilitators and coaches are a great role model in what we deliver.”

With technological advancement, AcComm is planning for geographical expansion. The company is working with numerous business partners and affiliates for expanding its reach. “We aim to always provide our customers the best and most practical and simplified learning and development experience that can be applied in the real changing world,” she concludes.
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AcComm Group

Habitown, Bangkok

Atchara Juicharern, CEO

The company uses experiential learning methodologies; learner-focused, hands-on involvement, self-reflection, feedback, skills practice and action planning to increase interest in learning, better long-term retention, and easier transfer of learning to the workplace