My Recruiters are Social Gurus Utilizing LinkedIn and Facebook for Recruitment

Ronnie E. Charles, CHRO, City of Baltimore

Ronnie E. Charles, CHRO, City of BaltimoreRonnie E. Charles, CHRO, City of Baltimore

Best of breed solutions to steer transformational initiatives in organization

We have over the last few years moved to revamp our entire HR infrastructure. This has required us to address not only culture, but also dramatic process improvements and the introduction of HR/Workforce Analytics and Metrics. We are addressing HR transformation by concurrently driving technology and human capital improvement. Utilizing for example, our ADP HRIS and its analytics module, we have created a comprehensive enterprise– wide HR Scorecard that ensures programmatic alignment with organizational goals. We have also integrated our HRIS with a best in class learning management system to track associate professional development and succession planning.

"My recruiters are social gurus utilizing LinkedIn and Facebook to acquire some of the best talent worldwide at the least costs, which is phenomenal!"

HR solutions to improve effectiveness

We use our ERP/ ADP HRIS to drive almost all of our transactional HR activity. We also utilize other software solutions for Performance management and Talent Acquisition. Cloud services and hosted vendors serve as partners.

My roles and responsibilities as a CHRO

I would not necessarily call it change, but the CHRO is being challenged to align value added HR programs and services that support the bottom line and ensures the ROI on the function itself. It really is about the value proposition and making sure that other C-suite partners share the need and sustained elevation of HR.

The areas in business environment where solutions do not yet exist or not up to the mark, and which if existed, would've made job easier

Most of today’s HR solutions are solid, but many still lack functionality that moves with the needs of a changing organization. Technology providers have to provide “configurable” solutions that do not require massive reprogramming modifications that can be accomplished at the organizational IT level. In addition, I think providers have to think more total integration of solutions in cloud computing to include social media applications.

Technology trends impacting enterprise business environment

These trends are already impacting the HR Function. For example, today, 21st century recruitment looks and feels nothing like it did over a decade ago. My recruiters are social gurus utilizing LinkedIn and Facebook to acquire some of the best talent worldwide at the least costs, which is phenomenal! Organizational communication has changed or added different methodologies to how we message and communicate to our employees.

Lessons learned and advice for fellow CHRO’s

One simple but relevant lesson; when seeking HR solutions, go for those that are agile, built from the outside in with industry solution leaders who provide the 'behind the scenes' leading thought thinkers in product development. Be prepared to evolve and strategically plan the learning to go along with it.

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